This build was one of my additions to the collective group build by the Plastic Posse Podcast group for the 2022 US Nationals It was a group featuring the famous M3 Lee/ M4 Sherman and all their variants. The call went out for some of the more obscure versions or users, so I obliged with a South Lebanese Army M50 Super Sherman (an old Dragon 1/35th scale kit). The base and scratch built store front was just a quick job, just over a day…gotta love quick drying acrylics and rattle cans! Originally modified from the original M4 by the Israeli forces, when they were short of equipment, the IDF passed them on to the South Lebanese Army (SLA). A fun build! The tank itself took a couple of weeks to do, and due to the age of the kit, was a bit of a challenge. I opted for metal tracks from R-Model instead of the supplied ones, together with a difficult to find metal barrel. I didn’t have time to order the building from a European company that I like, so I copied it as best I could, using pink insulation foam. I was pleased with the final result. The SLA had a reputation for not taking good care of their equipment, so it gave me a great opportunity for weathering. The project is titled: M50 Super Sherman- South Lebanese Army 1980.

M50 Super Sherman- South Lebanese Army 1980


Martin Drayton

Project Duration

About 2 weeks 


M50 Super Sherman (an old Dragon 1/35th scale kit)




Static Modeling


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