About me ………….. I ‘m retired / teached sciences all my life

My pools are these one: WW2 history and figures – I focused on US and British subjects / topics ( I had to make a choice ) – Middle age from 1000-1500 AD – American and Italian Trains from 1950 until 1980 – Aviation Scale 1/48 : WW2 and first jets –  I built five WW2 airplanes at this moment ( I know I should upload pics of them on FB … may be soon )

The figures you saw on FB are all 1/35 scale from different brands:

The US sergeant in Germany is from Alpine with a Hornet head

The Radio in Belgium is from Minisoldier with a detailed radio on his back and a Hornet head too

The little Navy sketch are both figures from D-Day with a Hornet head concerning the officer

I also used D-Day figures for my last sketch in 1940. You probably noticed that I pay much attention on the scenery.I take advantage from the techniques used on my HO US trains layout. I used oil paints for the faces and acrylics for the figures clothes I usually use an airbrush for the base coat (black ) primer and the first paint layers. It helps me to identify lights and shadows.  Then I continue in a more classic way with pinsels. Khaki is a fantastic color. There are thousands of variations to dicover and every figure may be different from another .Plates on the fascia are just decals printed on my inkjet printer. About the sketches my goal is to tell a little story / to capture a moment of WW2 history. I would like to thank you again . It’s a great satisfaction for me to see that some people appreciate my works. I ‘ve never placed my figures in a contest nor do not sell them.  It’s just my hobby ,  my passion and a good way to manage these crazy Covid moments. I was lucky enough to visit my family in Soave this year. Italian story during the Middle Age is one of my favourite focus and I intend to paint some of these men at arms.

Best regards

Jean Claude

Little WWII scenes in scale


Jean Claude Ballieux 

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Alpine Figures – Minisoldier and Hornet Items 




Military WW2 Static Modeling


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