When I decided to build the Airfix 1/48 E.E. Lightning I had also to decide what aircraft from which squadron it belong to. Finally I chose to build the XR77 of the 56 squadron based at Wattisham.

The shining metallic appearance with overwing fuel tanks is very appealing in my opinion. So The kit is a quite straightforward model with not too many difficulties. The Airfix box consists of five sprues with a total of 162 parts, including the clear parts. Excellent recessed surface detail and no flash remains on any part. Complete decals give you six options for the F1/F1A/F2/F3, seven for the F2A/F6. I chose to build the F6.1 variant armed with two Firestreak missiles and external fuel tanks on top of the wings.

Started with the cockpit by building the seat first end secondly the instrument panels. Build all cockpit parts as detailed as possible. Used the Eduard PE set FE1093 to enhance the seat and instrument panels.

For paiting I used the Alclad black primer ALC-309. For the metalic coat the Alclad II High Speed Silver lacquer(ALC-125) was thinly airbrushed on the model, layer by layer until the perfect coating was reached. Left the model for 24-hour curing before applying the Aqua Gloss varnish (ALC-600). When the varnish was fully dry, which takes about 12 hours, the decals were applied. After this process the whole model was airbrushed again with Aqua Gloss, whereafter the weathering of the model could take place.

When this was done the landing gear, canopy, windshield pitot tube and refueling boom were fitted and could the 1/48 scale Lightning F6 been displayed.


Lightning F6


Hans Spruijt

Work Time 

About 10 weeks


Kit: #09178 Manufacturer: Airfix, Humbrol Ltd




Static Modeling


Injection molded styrene, 162 parts 1 decal sheet.