Hello, I have the Tiger 311 of the s.Pz.Abt. 503 rebuilt. For this construction I used photos of the said tiger of a troop demonstration (which took place at the front in 1943) as a template. The commander was Lt. Weinert. The used kit is the Tiger I from Border Model | No. BT-010, which I added some 3D printed parts and 3D printed tracks to. The construction went well, a solid kit and took a total of 6 weeks. I painted it with Tamiya paints. I then provided the base with grass and a small tree and got a sign with the photo and data of Lieutenant Weinert. The figure showing the commander is from Alpine and was painted for me by my good friend Tilo.

Leutnant R.Weinert


Kevin Tweer

Project Duration

About 6 weeks 


Tiger I from Border Model No.BT-010




Static Modeling


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