My latest diorama is the Force Publique Belgian mission on Lake Tanganyika in 1916, the Force Publique was a Belgian colonial force engaged in countering the German advance in Africa. The ground reflects the shores of Lake Tanganyika, we started by superimposing layers of polystyrene to create the unevenness. I had fun, in the research to make the banana trees, we started with the usual twigs to give the core of the trunk which I then covered with paper, for the leaves we used the bodywork tape with the core of brass wire. The palms, on the other hand, are made by covering the branch for the trunk with hemp rope, which from that effect of fluff, the inevitable adhesive tape for the leaves, the oil colors did the rest. The land is instead obtained from my garden. The boat is a Verlinden reference, the sampan, extensively modified and completely self-built, the construction of the mast with the sail was very demanding but a good search on the internet has borne fruit. The provisions on the small boat come from my piece bank. The water is the excellent Prochima resin with the addition of a hint of green. The aquatic plants are plants x aquariums reworked and repainted. After careful research, the sketches are from the Call sign company, even here a self-construction work was necessary, the officers were transported on hammocks by color bearers, and that’s what I created. Black officers and soldiers are extensively modified Stalingrad references. For the bare feet and the pith helmets I used those of the G&G company, the weapons are all self-made. It goes without saying that I had a great time, occupying a lot of my time both for research and for the realization. 

Lago Tanganica Force Publique


Roberto Spadaccini 

Work Time 

About 2 months 


Verlinden boat 




Static Modeling


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