Hello mini figures lovers,

This piece is a gift that I made to my good friend Cristian Raúl Frigerio Suarez, on the occasion of the “invisible friend 2023” (gift exchange between friends).

This mini-figure is from the Hasslefree Miniatures brand ref.HFH077 “Zetta” 28mm in metal. It is painted with acrylics from Andrea Miniatures (flesh and blue) and Vallejo (rest of colors), using the MNM technique on all metals. The mini island is made with Das Pronto (paper pulp) and a multitude of sepiolite stones (cat’s sand) of different sizes have been glued with PVP glue, even with the fresh pasta. After priming in black, the stones and the terrain have been painted with a range of gray acrylics (from dark gray to light gray), using the dry brush technique and respecting overhead lighting. In the upper part, different earth color tones have been used in the form of washes. When it has dried, different twigs and natural roots are glued, and some bushes for commercial miniatures, in yellow and ocher tones, to give it a dried appearance. In the lower part I wanted to represent a sea of ​​burning lava. To do this, using a range of acrylics that range from a dark brown to an ice yellow, including reds, vermillions, oranges, etc., I have been painting the effect with the fresco painting technique, without waiting for it to dry, applying the different colors and blending into each other. Finally, and with the same colors, I have made a dry brush on the lower part of the mini island, imitating the reflection of the burning lava, with small touches of ice yellow.

I hope you like this little work, as much as my “invisible friend”.

Lady Volcano 


Ricardo Merino Pando

Work Time 

About 2 months 


This mini-figure is from the Hasslefree Miniatures brand ref.HFH077 “Zetta” 






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