KV-1 Russian Tank 1941 Early Production. Tamiya Kit no.35372 Scale 1:35 This is my first try ever on an armored vehicle after years of building just aircraft. I needed to try something different to reset and experiment new techniques. This kit is a tamiya jewel. No putty or flash removing was needed, only minor Sanding to make sprue gates disappear. I used a mix of AK, Tamiya, Mission models and Vallejo trying to get a distinct weathered paint pattern, the tracks got a mix of primer, Vallejo and homemade washes aiming to get an used dirty look. I did too many things I lost count, in the end just went by instinct on it. Definitively I see more tank builds in the near future, I really liked it! It took my out of my confidence zone and learned some weathering techniques, now I have to keep trying to improve them.

KV-1 Russian Tank 1941


Rene Tamburini

Project Duration

About 3 weeks 


KV-1 Russian Tank 1941 Early Production. Tamiya Kit no.35372 




Static Modeling


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