Kit Meng 1/35 A7V (Krupp) I built this about 18 months ago. I only bought it as it was cheap on eBay; I wasnt particularly interested in it but started it to make a change from WW2 vehicles…and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It has a full interior (except, weirdly, the engines). I did add everything but you cant really see much tbh. The kit has a small PE fret and click together individual link tracks. Most of the work is on the suspension; the hull is a few large plates, it all fits beautifully. Paint was (I think) Ammo Mig but I forget what I used. It looks right to me. The only addition I made was some metal barrels for the MGs; sadly one got lost in transit.

Kit Meng A7V (Krupp) 


Duncan Flint

Work Time 

About 4 weeks 


Kit Meng A7V (Krupp) 




Static Modeling


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