From the crazy lab of Wilson PL.Art comes this 3D printed Kirov airship from the popular 2000s game Red Alert. As the current STL models of this popular unit were woefully inadequate, Wilson set about scratchbuilding and printing the prototype by himself (I hope I was able to give some input in the design). This is the resulting product and was part of the first batch for sale. This is my first 3D printed kit and the future looks bright for this new tech.

Model was prepped with gunze mr surfacer and is painted with Tamiya Lacquer sand (same as US desert vehicles) and a combination of Vallejo and armored Komodo acrylics and lacquers + AK interactive OIF color washes. Decals are provided in the kit. With enough solvaset, they can be coaxed into place.
A fun little weekend project I’m thankful that I don’t need to scratchbuild ?



“Kirov Airship” 


Joseph Carunungan

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