My models are not kits you cannot buy them anywhere, there scratch built out of styrene plastic, the little ones take about 200 hours to build the big ones take over 300 hours to build. The ones that are blue and white belong to my collection the ones in original colors are the ones I sold to customers the models make and model is self explanatory but be happy to answer any questions 1st photo is the Captain Marion 6360, 2nd is left big Muskie middle the Captain rite is big Muskie in my color scheme 3rd big Muskie with the bucket next 3 photos is how it starts I scale my prints and start cutting out parts. 9 is my Muskie in blue and white 10 O&K RH400 11 Hitachi EX5500 shovel 12 model diorama that won lots of ribbons 13 how big my models are 14 scratch built engines 15 a customer shovel 16 power packs 17 lights on the Muskies 18 letourneau 2350 and a Komatsu 980E 98,000 water truck 19 pit viper 271 drill 20 Marion 6360 and top view of a O&K RH400

Kenneth’s excavators


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