This is a Star Wars vehicle concept I scratchbuilt in 2017-Jug Hauler It’s in 1/350 scale the Juggernaut ground assault vehicle is a SW design which I made the master patterns for jpg productions a couple of years before this project. The design of the Hauler itself started life as most things like this with many sketches before construction. The Main Body was sanded out of RenShape material and covered with sheet styrene, the Drop Container was made similar. Once the general shell was there various kit part were added for details. I seen the Container as a means of deployment and to be dropped off near by the fighting as a maintenance option and for retrieval. (I did attach the Hauler to the Container with magnets just for fun). Painting and weathering are always the best part. I tried to give the Jug and the Container a more battered look since it would see more action. The whole thing is rather large seeing as the Juggernaut is a huge vehicle..the wingspan on the Hauler is around 14″ The project was a blast and I hopefully made it feel at home in the Star Wars universe

Juggernaut ground assault vehicle


Jim Krause

Project Duration

About 3 months 


I scratchbuilt in 2017-Jug Hauler 




Static Sci-fi Modeling


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