This is my new 1:35 Takom Jagdtiger. This will be finished as Jagdtiger 331 with the red crosses. I will be putting the rounds in the front of this tank as they are on the real one, this will be seen in the upcoming update next weekend so stay tuned.
The build process was straight forward. The kit had a relatively high amount of flash for a newer kit but nothing abominable. I overcame the common issue of the front glacis plate not fitting by just a bit of sanding, definitely not as big of an issue as many make it seem. To enhance the build, I rescribed a few armor joints and retextured the weld marks with two part putty. I added the cold rolled steel texture across the tank and subtle hints of flame marks on the ends of the armor plates.
The only additions to the kit are metal tracks, metal barrel, and 3D printed tool clasps from Trex Studios.



Preston Stinger 

Work Time 

About 4 months


Takom Jagdtiger




Static Modeling


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