It is Tamiya’s Hetzer 35285 updated with 3d toolclambs, Friul tracks and a Aber barrel. Figures are mix of Evolution, Alpine and scratch build. Groundwork is made styrofoam with a layer of AK wet terrain paste and mixed with wood ground. The dio is build up in 3 section. 1. The railway from Miniart including the ditch were the Hetzer is placed on. 2. The foreground to tell the story of the Grenadiers. 3. The background with the pinetreed and the 2 NCO consulting the counter atack to be made dispite the dead and wounded soldiers. It took me 6 months to complete all and the dio is awardered with several publications and Bronze at Scale Model Challange in the Masterclass.



Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer


Elco Elings 

Work Time 

About 6 months


It is Tamiya’s Hetzer 35285




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