Isekai no Getto! Jikū o koeta tatakai! Gateway to Another World! Battle Across Space and Time!

“Enemies, comrades or rivals. Amuro Ray and CharAznable are one of the most recognized duo in Gundam lore, and by consequence, the various machines they piloted have become legendary in different universes, starting with the red Zaku II and RX-78 Gundam of the original anime shown on TV, the Rx-93 and Sazabi from the movie char’s Counter Attack, and the Hi-Nu Gundam and Nightingale in the novel Beltorchika’s Children, all one and the same, across both space and time and other dimensions. My work represents the continuous battle across the multiverse of their existence, through different versions of the machines they pilot, even when transported to another world through the portal, their fight continues. I used all 1/144 scale figures as I knew it had to fit the size half a meter cube in the regulations, and with 6 kits, the Nightingale being the biggest ones, I would need to take advantage of the whole space. Both the RX-78 and RX-93, along with the Zaku and the Sazabi belong with the same universe, I choose a magical gateway portal to show the change from the Nu Gundam to the Hi-Nu and the Sazabi to the Nightingale as they entered and went through. I chose to keep the classic color scheme so that people can easily identify them but added more details with scribing and additional thrusters. I also incorporated color changing LEDs in to the portal ring and adding both wired and wireless LEDs for the thrusters. All the electronics are hidden under the removable staircase. The power source for the portal consists of various bits of electronics kitbashed with various left over Gunpla parts. The beam effect that shoots the Nightingale is from an old Christmas décor. The portal itself is made by rotating the whole diorama in an engine stand and rotating it 90 degrees, then pouring epoxy resin on a circular piece of acrylic held in a metal frame. The whole thing is then rotated 180 degrees to pour epoxy on the other side.” And all that work paid off because we are once again PHILIPPINE GBWC CHAMPION!

Isekai no Getto! Jikū o koeta tatakai!


Sidney Ang

Work Time 

About 1,5 months


Bandai kits






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