In this project, I used, among others: styrodur xps, foamed PVC, plastic profiles, PET boards, HIPS polystyrene, fabric to prepare curtains in the windows, as well as a piece of curtain to prepare a fence, putty, wire, balsa, paper, sandpaper as a roof, electrostatic grass, dried leaves and a paper drinking straw. I made a radiator from polymer clay and door locks and hinges from 0.1 mm brass sheet. Then the whole thing is painted with acrylics, stained with dry pigments and oil washes.
I didn’t count the time exactly, but the project took less than a month of work. I worked no more than 2 hours a day and also not every day. So I estimate that the project took about 40-50 hours.

House in ruin Warsaw memories


Marcin Dobrzyniecki

Work Time 

About 40/50 hours 


Scrachtbuilt model




Static Diorama Modeling


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