Heller 1/100 HMS Victory Approx 980 hours in total Here we have the HMS Victory by Rob Toombs (RJ Scale Ships & Replicas). The entire build has been painted by hand and based on the large model of the Victory at the Historical Chatham Dockyard where the Victory was built and launched back in 1765. Even though the Chatham model is in the new trafalgar colours these days it was a huge source of inspiration for this build as well as the official commissioned images from the Royal Navy. The build includes a considerable amount of extras, aftermarket parts as well as many scratch built parts to create this beautiful replica as well as a considerable amount of study and research to make this as accurately as possible. As mentioned everything has been hand painted from the beautiful copper hull to the individual blocks in the rigging. A whole new set of boats were made for the Victory as she was known to carry six in total and all of the rigging is fully adjustable with all the access line rolled up and placed on deck.. The sails and flags are from Hismodel and have undergone Robs trademark weathering to create a very nice vintage look as well as hours of work on the lower decks. 100s of meters of thread was used from the lashings on all the tackle throughout the rigging and all the rigging thread was specifically chosen by Rob to help create a very realistic appearance. This replica took Rob approx 980 hours over the space of 11 months. You can see this build as well as other projects Rob’s working on via his Instagram page @rjscaleships

HMS Victory


Rob Toombs 

Work Time 

About 980 hours


HMS Victory Heller kit




Static Modeling


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