I decided to carry out this project of a Y-wing bomber of the green squadron, which I had already planned for some time

The Bandai 1/72 kit would be the one chosen to carry out this project, and I must admit that it is the best of its kind, great detail, good exploded design, perfect and easy assembly and includes several extras that are highly appreciated by any Star Wars fan. .


The assembly was extremely simple, and the detail of panels, interiors, pipes, slits is quite good and facilitates painting and final mounting , also the base is a great addition that can be positioned in various positions that will make the model look quite good.


I wanted the paint job to reflect the continuous and exhaustive use that the rebel alliance makes on these ships, the base color was a glossy black throughout the ship, from then on it was only a matter of filling in shades and gray scales to give it depth and lighting, the same in the parts that would go green, first starting with a dark color and then filling with lighter colors to generate modulation and lighting, once I have achieved the desired result,  I seal all the work with glossy varnish, The next step was to put  decals, to continue with the paint chips,damages and scratches, all done with Licona Hobby Color paints.

Nose art:

The detail of the nose art or the pin up, was something that I wanted to add to distinguish my work  this time.

The art of pin up is something that has become popular in recent years in the universe of the star wars saga, however the ideas Of pin up they only run around the seductive tw’lek dancers, princess Leia in a slave costume or  the girls of the race of Ahsoka Tano, I wanted to go outside these ideas, hence the reason to choose a simple human to adorn the ship, which seems simple but at the same time gives a more unique touch to the work.

I was able to find a set of decals that would help me give this detail, however once it came to my hands I realized that  the said set was an amateur one, printed without a white base and in a dot matrix which would reduce the detail a lot to place it on the surface of the ship, so I decided to trace and modify the original design a little, I painted it on the side of the cabin using very well diluted Vallejo paints to paint with a brush, in the end the result convinced me by what happened to the next step.

Washes and filters:

To detail panels, slits, crevices and blur everything on a single surface, I made use of several washes of black oil and burn Shadow diluted in sprint solvent all from the Atl brand, which quickly highlights each detail previously mentioned and evens out the details.

Burneds, pipes and Sealing:

To get the detail of the burns in engines, hyperdrive, cannons  and torpedo tubes, I applied Flat black of Tamiya XF-1 with an airbrush, the pipes were painted by brush with the copper color of The Army Painter and a diluted oil wash of toasted shade. In the end, it only remains to seal with Licona Hobby color semi-matte varnish and that’s it.

The kit itself is incredible, it is very quick to assemble, the cockpit can be easily masked and does not have annoying mold lines, the painting was a quick and easy process due to the use of Licona’s paints they were already of great help, with a good finish, fast drying and with a good grip.

In short, I recommend this great Bandai kit and above all explore new things and simple but effective techniques in order to get jobs that meet your expectations.








Green squadron Y-wing Bomber


Alex Leipzing

Work Time 

About 2 weeks


Kit from Bandai




Static Sci-fi Modeling


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