The model is a 1/150 scale plank on frame british Brigatine called the Golden Star by Mantua models which has been weathered to replicate a ship that has seen years of service on the open seas. Every aspect of this build has been weathered from the rigging to the decks. From the brass guns to the paint. The first thing I needed to do was change the external design of the ship slightly so that it wasnt so recognisable as the Golden Star is quite common. This was achieve by changing the external trim, guns ports etc to a more sleek look as the kits version was rather boxy looking. I also removed certain trim from the build that I didnt like to maintain a nice sleek look. The decks were a horrid printed version which I didnt like so they were heavily weathered and stained to give a much better realistic look. The steering mechanism was changed to a more common system as I didnt like Mantua’s way of doing it which enabled me to build a more realistic looking cabin at the stern. All the stern window etc were replaced as the kits were a horrid printed version and the flag was replaced with a spare I had laying around as the kit one was a little insignificant to say the least. Once I had the basic ship it was a case of weathering it to appear as old as possible. The hull and keel has been gently dented to represent floating objects hitting the hull whilst at full sail and all the paint has been pulled back in places to show the wood underneath. This is evident throughout the ship. You can see this build and any of my other projects on my Instagram page @rjscaleships

Golden Star


Rob Toombs 

Work Time 

About 320 hours 


Golden Star Mantua model kit




Static Modeling


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