The name of this work. It is a German dry dock, the scale is 1.72, the measure is 1.30 of. 70 centimeters. The working time was about 3 years. Kit names are about 20 brands. This project was carried out for a conference in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. And it was awarded in the 2 conventions in which I presented it, the first place. In 2. At first I thought it would get there, but analyzing it I will integrate it into another project that I have been doing since 2017. To date, it will be a German pier in World War II. Which will consist of a lighthouse on a cliff, part of the back will carry a forest, and on the pier there will be 2 submarines 3 German torpedo boats a fishing boat of the type that the Germans used as spies, will carry about 150 characters, sailors, soldiers, working people in industrial areas, railways, and there will be militarized wagons, of which they were known as German armored trains, The Diorama or for their proportions Model, I think it will measure 3 to 4 meters long by 2 wide. And I tell you more than a job, it is something that we like this, we have fun and we have fun, and we are very satisfied, seeing that our friends and acquaintances have fun with us with this, all the time you dedicate to these projects comes award-winning, and I comment If you want to see it in video, go to YouTube and search for it With the name Revell German Dry Dock, I give you a moment of photos so that you can choose the ones you like and you can select them.

“German Dry Dock”


Roberto Espino

Work Time 

About 3 years


Kit names are about 20 brands




Static Modeling


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