1) AMT Leif Erikson Galactic Cruiser . Customized with LED lighting in shuttle bay, hull and engines. After market photo etched parts by Para Grafix. 2) Moebius Lost In Space Robot. Project includes full LED lighting in brain, finger lights, chest plate and programming bay, custom voice chip in sync with sound chip. No lighting kits were used on this project. 3) Moebius Lost in Space Space Pod Diorama. Lighting in rotating fusion core, front & rear spotlights and front hull plate. Radar antennae is motorized. 4) Moebius 2001 Moon Bus. LED Strip Lighting added to interior. 5) Moebius Lost In Space Chariot Diorama. LED Headlights and Robot. Blinking fiber optics in dashboard and radar scope. Scratch built items include sun shield, side cushions, luggage cases and solar blankets. 6) AMT Star Trek Vulcan Shuttle. Model built straight from the box with no modifications and painted using reference photos of the original studio miniature. Stock display stand airbrushed to represent planet Vulcan. 7) Moebius Movie Version Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Seaview Submarine. Lighting added to interior control room, front spotlight, bottom bow lights, conning tower front and side lights and tail fins. I can’t give working time on projects as I work on several at the same time. All models by Barry Magen. Gemini Model Build-Up Studios.

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