In modeling, the complication and difficulty of a model lies in getting out of the ordinary and doing something different, something out of the ordinary.I did not want to make the mistake of making a simple Russian truck in the classic green that the years have extinguished so I chose to do something more … active, and after seeing more than 300 photos of the vehicle in militias, guerrillas and second division armies , I settled on the Taliban version of the old GAZ.The model is out of the box. The only additions are the old Verlinden drum, a rusted chain and two custom bent steel rods.…and the Miniart´s plastic chair. The idea was to represent a vehicle abandoned by the Russians and “used” by the Taliban after spending some civilized years.Salt and lacquer techniques are the ones that stand out the most in the painting process, as well as the little use of oil-type paints, except for the effects of dust.Practically the entire vehicle, as well as the anti-aircraft have been weathered with acrylics, from the wheels to the surfaces most affected by wear.The basis is to do it with credibility and effect, knowing how to arrive at that mixture of beautiful and real that every model should have.The result is what you can see in the photos. I hope you like it, I have enjoyed a lot with this model since I opened the box until I placed it on my display.Thanks to all!!!Carlos Blanco. 


Gaz 66


Carlos Blanco 

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