This work was made of crystal resins. Many people wonder how to express bubbles. It is possible enough just to put a small amount of cotton in the resin. When cotton is wet with resin, it looks natural like foam. The most important thing is how to deal with resins. Resin is sensitive to temperature, and the hardening heat varies depending on volume and shape. And each manufacturer has different characteristics, so it is impossible to explain them in detail. What resin you use is also an important matter, but it is also very important to know the characteristics of the resin and to optimize the size of the work according to the material. Without this process and effort, it is impossible to get good results.

 Many people are asking what resins they use but I want to ask them again. Do you understand all the features of resin? Even resin made by the same manufacturer has different properties depending on the purpose of the product’s manufacture. And even if it is the same resin, the amount of heat generated varies depending on the shape and size of the work.

The most important thing is to find the size, the most suitable form and volume for the resin I use, even if it fails. If you mollify this process, the model you’ve worked hard on will melt away or be thrown into the trash can with resin.

What I want to tell you is that the higher the temperature of resins, the larger the volume, and the more concentrated the form in the middle, the greater the probability of failure. The wider the area to radiate heat, the higher the probability of success.

 I’ve failed more than 10 times in making the U-boat Diorama and learned from experience how to use resins in the process. I had to change the material and then repeat the process again, but I don’t experience as many failures as I did in the past. I now have a successful outcome after one or two failures, even if I change my resin.

Don’t be afraid of failure, and I recommend that you make an optimized work through experience. Epoxy resin requires experience rather than explanation.

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Won-hui Lee 

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Typhoon Class Submarine Hobby Boss Kit




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