“About my Project” FORGOTTEN AT-AT This piece I did back on January 2011. It took me 2 weeks to complete as I would only work on it when I got home from work for about an hour a day or so. I used The 1989 MPC Ertl Star Wars Return Of The Jedi 1:100 AT-AT Model Kit (1-929). I was inspired by a drawing in a book of an old car. The picture was titled “The Forgotten Ford”. It was an old car that was left behind in a field with grass growing all around it. So I created this AT-AT as if it was what they left behind back on Endor where after a battle the old machine was left behind to rust and being in a forest ambient it has moss and shrubbery grown all around it. I also used other model pieces from other kits to fill in the base as if they tried to salvage anything good left behind and had to leave all behind right away. I really enjoyed building this piece and ended up making more and selling them to hardcore collectors. I plan in the future to make a series of them using that same style kit to have one from different planets. Like one on Hoth left behind and possibly inhabited by Wompa’s. Or one on Tatooine and inhabited by Jawas. The one on Jakku where Rey turned into her home.



Mirko Martinovic


About 2 weeks


1989 MPC Ertl Star Wars Return of Th Jedi model kit 




Static sci-fi modeling


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