This showcase brings together 7 works by a great artist, completely worked in marble, a type of modeling that was born recently being a creation of Matteo Rusconi. 

1-Developing NASA. Belgian Black Marble, Paonazzo Marble and Stainless Steel Trails.

2-Campini Caproni in Bardiglio marble m. Belgian black and stainless steel in 1/72 scale

3-Me 163 Komet. Purple marble, m. Belgian black, Alabaster, Stainless Steel. 1/72 scale

4-Horten XIII b. Carrara black marble,white statuary marble, bardiglio marble. 1/72 scale. As far as I know, only one project remained, it never flew.

5-Bell X-1 White marble Statuary Stainless steel 1/48 scale

6-McDonnell Douglas X-3 Stiletto. White marble P m. Belgian black, Stainless steel, 1/72 scale

7-North American X-15. Belgian black marble Stainless steel, white marble P. Scale 1 /72

“Flying stone”


Matteo Rusconi Valente 

Project Duration

Too long to know


Self-made models in marble


1:48 and 1:72


Static modeling


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