There was actually a engine like this in the uk ? back in the better times (well the modern ones are falling apart here lol) . It was called Cornwall and the director of the London north western railway used this tender loco for his train . Basically they removed the coal tender , and used a tender saloon coach . Front of it coal water back a first class saloon. This is based on that using a tank engine and coach . This is a budget version as it’s a tank engine and a coach combined . Built in the UK’s first lock down with another engine (same as this but complete as a tank engine). So April – august. Connoisseur models o gauge kits , made of brass with S and D figures inside the carriage ? livery is based on the London to brighton rail motor marsh umber-brown and cream . Being freelance it’s got other parts on it from other railways. In the scrap box . Now my painting isn’t as good as this so it was done by a friend . As he couldn’t open the shop he picked up the pieces as I had to go back to work being a essential worker ? plus his painting is great . Mines not quite there lol. I’ll see if I can invite him to the group as he has a fair bit of ww1 in 1:43 scale / a layout for that time frame. He also painted the blue one , this is what Vera looks like when completed. Based on a hornby loco called Nellie the kit so the livery and name reflect it . I started them but he did the hard bit essentially! Due to the odd shifts I wouldn’t of got it finished and it kept him occupied. As it’s all hand lined etc . No weathering as the motto of the layout reflects the old pilot engine on my local line . Was kept in shiny condition lol. Layout has a page as it happens . With the rest of the fleet . Half and half rtr ready to run and kit made .

Florence – Vera


Mark Chandler

Work Time 

About 5 months 


Connoisseur Models Nellie 0-4-0 tank loco Connoisseur Models NER open saloon By Jim McGowan


O gauge / 1:43 scale 


Railway Modeling


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