2cm flakvierling auf selbstfahrlafette 1:35 kit bronco / aluminum barrel / PE Voyager / friul tracks / scratch modifications. completion time 15 days. use of the mission model panzer gray paint as well as the white color with a touch of yellow to give a dirty white appearance. the 1 step will be the passage of the gray panzer paint once the paint has dried application of the hairspray between 2 to 3 passes to cover well, 2 step the passage of the white paint with a touch of yellow paint. 3 step cover the model with water and rub with a brush to bring out the panzer gray paint in the desired places. 4 step application of oil juice on the structure lines (oil use black and brown) 5 step use of dry pigment to give a dirty effect. 6 step passage of the transparent blue filter very thin. 7 step application of a mig product for caterpillars. 8 step application of traces of mud (briquetting essence mixed with an oil paint of sienna color)

German Flakvierling 


Allan Jeanbille 

Work Time 

About 15 days 


Flakvierling auf selbstfahrlafette 1:35 kit bronco




Military Static Modeling


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