Details: My return to model building years ago began with a 1:72 U-boat, and over successive years I built several more U-boats, midget subs, and other related naval subjects amongst other things. During that time I built a wee 1:72 Fa330 Bachstelze and thought it an interesting aircraft. Fast forwarding to 2022, I was very excited at the announcement of a large-scale 1:16 version of the Fa330. The Takom kit builds up to an impressive size with a moderate amount of detail, but I wanted to take it up a level. I added a lot of fine detail to make this build personally satisfying, and it even gave me the opportunity to build a unique base – a section of u-boat tower railing and landing platform.

Fa330 Gyro Kite


Glenn Cauley

Work Time 

About 4 months 


Takom Focke-Achgelis Fa330 Bachstelze (WW2 German gyro kite)




Static Modeling


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