Trumpeter F5/MiG-17F. Not an easy kit because of it’s age but with a few aftermarket “detail-up” sets and some good decals it can be made into a very attractive model. The lack of any other “17” kits in 1/32 scale insures that this kit will continue to be built by all the fans of this airplane into the foreseeable future. The color scheme for this particular Vietnamese “snake” was achieved by painting the entire model (with Testors enamel) in a shade of dark green over top of black Mr. Surfacer 1500 primer. I then sprayed small “squiggly” lines with a sand color paint over the entire model. After that, I re-sprayed the dark green color along panel lines only. I ‘gently’ defined the squiggles with the green color eliminating some of the overspray between the squiggles. I hadn’t done a camo paint like this before and was very satified with how it all came together.



Ed Okun

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Trumpeter F5/MiG-17F




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