“THE KIT FIRST IMPRESSIONS… The Zoukei-Mura F-4J is without a doubt the best kit I have built so far. Kit with amazing details and perfect fit in excellent quality plastic, presented in an imposing box, with well thought-out sprues and quality decal sheet and careful instructions, although with some flaws (by omission) in relation to painting small details. Note that the painting instructions have images in real size of the model, so that the modeller more easily determines the areas to mask. Too bad I did not notice it until late ? Note, however, that the kit does not forgive any errors. Virtually all parts must be worked, ensuring that there is no mould line, flash or even paint that prevents a perfect fit. That is, dry-fit is absolutely mandatory. In addition, the kit’s own engineering ensures that the fittings are usually located on panel lines that, as they are practically perfect, do not require putty. PAINT SCHEME The kit only comes with one paint scheme (for a CAG bird) and respective decals, so if you want another one, you should look in the aftermarket. In my case, as I really liked the proposed version, I did not even need to consider another one. The colours anticipated a beautiful model, it just remains to see what am I able to do. Furthermore, it was my first Zoukei-Mura and I decided to do it completely out-of-the-box to be able to evaluate the result (as a matter of fact, I ended up buying some belts for the ejection seats as the kit does not bring any). CAG bird From wikipedia: “CAG bird is a specially painted aircraft, officially flown by the commanding officer of United States Navy Carrier Air Groups. Every carrier-based aircraft squadron of the United States Navy has such an aircraft that wears modex usually ending with the ’00’ numbers. Due to their striking, colourful paint schemes, enthusiasts such as modellers and aircraft photographers show great interest in these aircraft.” Easy choice, don’t you agree? This build was published in Scale Modelling Now so, you can find the whole article there:” 


F-4J Phantom II 


Manule Magrinho 

Project Duration

82 hours


Zoukei Mura Kit F-4J Phantom II




Static Airplane modeling


Built out-of-the-box plus Eduard’s seat belt set. Painted with Mr. Hobby, slightly weathered with artist oils