The Dutch F-16BM Orange Jumper

The F-16BM was a test and evaluation aircraft for the of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) with registration number J-066 test of These tests were carried out with the release of various weapons, missiles, fuel tanks, etc. On test aircraft, all non-standard internal wiring (‘jumpers’) are coloured orange, so this jet acquired the nickname “Orange Jumper”, which also explains the kangaroo on its tail. A modified Orpheus Pod with additional instruments is often seen mounted on the centerline pylon and the special painted fueltanks make it a very special model. As base the Heller F-16D was used, but the tail is a modified Daco resin conversion kit. Also several cockpit and landing gear changes were applied and the special “Viagra pitot boom’ was fixed to this model. The main paint used for the model was MRP paint in various grey tones.In total it took about

F-16BM Orange Jumper


Hans Spruijt

Work Time 

480 hours 


Kit: Heller 80842




Static Modeling


Paint: MRP