After two and a half months of work, it finally came to an end.
It’s a Mig Ammo’s re-box version of Kinetic F-104 series. The kit is nice with a lot of details and no noticable fit problems found. I detailed up a bit using Black Dog’s gun bay and electronic compartment. Instrument panel, FOD covers, a few wiring, etc. are scratch – detailed.
Remove before flight tags are from Eduard.
The kit provides a lot of decal and paint options and I chose to go for Hellenic Air Force scheme.
Decals are excellent as they are printed by Cartograf. I also made a small base and used Plusmodel’s boarding ladder.
Far from perfection, not fully satisfied but I think it still looks nice and presentab

F-104G Starfighter 


Thant Zaw Win

Work Time 

About 120 hours 


F-104G Starfighter of the Hellenic Air Force Ammo by Mig Jimenez




Static Modeling 


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