This version of TBD-1A Devastator by color blue tone is a What If!, because it was never painted this blue with floats. there was only one prototype and it was metallic with yellow wings and it didn’t work as it was too slow.

 KIT: TBD-1A Dvastator G.W.H 1/48 OOB.


First I have painted a metallic  using Ammo Alclad II aluminium and the wing in yellow using a mixture of yellow A.MIG-0048 (80%) + golden yellow RLM04 A.MIG-0125.

then we apply a layer of liquid scratches A.MIG-2010, lastly the final color the blue using a mixture of model air vallejo blue 71.109  (80%) + FS36440 Light gull gray A.MIG-0241.

The lower part we used the color FS 36440 Light Gull Gray A.MIG-0241.


base made of 5cm expanded polystyrene then a layer of DAS putty, the deep wather is with a two-component IDEPO industrial resin and finally a layer of clear wather A.MIG-2205 to give it mevement and waves.

 Vegetation is an assortment of Ammo by Migjimenez:

Fern A.MIG-8450

Jungle leaves A.MIG-8452

Tropical Fern A.MIG-8453

Wild ground A.MIG-8361

Spring fine bush A.MIG-8380

Devastator at Rest


Ricardo Rivas 

Work Time 

About 3 Months 


TBD 1-A Devastator  Graet Wall Hobby 




Static Airplane Modeling


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