CV-10 Yorktown by Luiz Fernando Martini

The entire hull was detailed and many details were missing.

The bottom of the hull was painted with Mr-Surfacer to give a difference in height between the plates and sprue wires were glued to simulate the welding effect between the plates.

The entire interior was built with plastic sheets in different thicknesses, including the elevator shaft.

The detail set of Pontos Model was used.

The upper deck lines had to be painted because the set mask is wrong.

Using an official Navy design I made the correct mask.

Various vehicles such as jeeps and equipment such as trolleys, pump cards, stairs.

The set of 54 planes in total include Hellcats, Helldivers and Avengers.

And to give life to the ship, 350 figures from North Star were placed in all areas.

The assembly time was 6 months, working an average of 4 hours a day.

It was built in 2015.


Luiz Martini.

CV-10 Yorktown 


Luiz Fernando Martini 

Work Time 

6 Months – 4 hours a day 


CV-10 Yorktown Trumpeter 




Static Naval  Modeling


Mr Surfarcer paints , detail set of Pontos , Figures from North Star