I am going on to build a Scene from the 1000 Miles Race 1931 called “Coppa Mille Miglia”trough Italy. This was held from 1927 on to 1957, 1000 Miles in one Day throug Italy ! After 1957 it was cancelled, much to dangerous a race on normal Streets with also normal traffic, there where severeal heavy Accidents and dead People. Today this “race” is a historic Event , held on the Classic Route but in 4 days.Iam fascinated about this old Races and Italy and i have the Chance to see the mille miglia Storico a few times.So the Idea, Planning ,search for Information, Pictures and Kits took Place since 2012, all the cars are very hard to find for a reasonable Price. First the winnig Mercedes, the SSKL from Matchbox, two AirfixKits Alfa 8c and Bugatti and the easiest Find Pyro Kit from the 60ies Alfa 6c. Due to the first Austrian Pandemicshutdown in 2020, i go to Work on this seriously. I want a Drive-trogh-town-scene so i try a few MiniartKits and a Verlinden Relief fassade, planned around some very old Car Kits. First i play around with some Papermockups, then i tried the Miniart Buildings. But beside that they are molded as Ruins , i cant fit them properly. So i went with Scratchbuilds from Foamboard. For this i used the Kapaline ©, this Boards come with one or Two side added Cardboard wich is very easyly remove. And then you have a very fine Struckture, other than the Blue and green Ones from Workshops. Also very easy to Cut, Carve and glue. I added the Royalmodel Sicilian house to the Project, i like the Shape. As most of the offered buildings, this is a plaster made ruin, so i must first rebuild it to not damaged. Glue the broken Walls togheter, like a puzzle ….i manage this with Lego and patafix , making a partial Mold, then pour Artist Plaster in this, a little Sanding and voila….only to see its much too massive . So i build this also new from Kapaline ©. Doors are Scratchbuilds from Wood and detailed Verlinden or Miniartparts, also all the Windows and the Shutters. For the Street i use different Real Stone mats from Railroadmodellingsources. I then all light up with LED and a 12 V Furniture Transformer. In the Cars i use the smalles SMD LED available, around 0.5 mm, will lightup not only the Headlamps but also the Cockpit an the Registrationplates. Figures come from all Sources, 3D Prints, Slotcar Spectators, Miniart and Masterbox, and not forget the always useful Airfix Multipose Kits. The Scale is depend on the Cars 1/32, but all the 1/35 Figures fit good enough. For Painting i use Black Hat Acrylics, Vallejo Air Color, Oil Color and Acrylics from Artshops.I use mostly Stuff from such shops for Weathering sometimes to Paint the whole Model. I think if it is good enough for Artpainters and so on, then its good enough for my “Art”. And i dont want to pay twice the price for nearly the same Stuff.

“Coppa Mille Miglia”


Harry Brunner

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Airfix Bugatti T35, slightly modified to a T37 A for my Dio ” Mille Miglia 1931″


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