The basic kit is the Revell Copo Camaro kit.
I used the big block motor from the Revell 69 Nova SS.
I used the steering wheel from the Ford ProShop NASCAR racing truck kit
The wheels, tires, dashboard and exhaust pipes are made of resin. Dave never told me where he got them from. The same goes for custom decals.
The resin cage that came with it was absolutely terrible and I want to be able to use it. I ended up scratching the cage construction with the styrene rod.
The paint used for the body was a Rustolium 2X rattle. The color of the wheel is the Tester spray enamel.
The engine and interior colors were airbrushed using Vellejo Air colors and some of the finer details were done using various paints such as Tamiya, Model Master and Vellejo.
The bonnet photo etched pin set comes from Detail Master.
I started this project last November and completed it around the first week of February.








“Copo Camaro”


Ryan Depatie 

Work Time 

About 4 Months 


Copo Camaro Revell Kit 




Static Racing Modeling


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