Truong Son trail, Highland of Central Vietnam was a main delivery road of North Vietnam Army to the South. In this trail, the NVA transferred all necessary items for the war such as : Weapons, food, troops…etc…

And this trail was “take care” very carefully by USAF. The USAF airplanes dropped a lot of bombs into this area all times per day to destroy the convoys.

The NVA lost a lot of trucks in this area. So, because of missing of the trucks, and to avoid searching of the USAF aircraft by engine heats, they used Elephant to transport the items instead of trucks.

This diorama was setup bases on that story. We used Paracel Miniatures items to make this : The Elephant Food Delivery and Vietcong figures.

Paracel Miniatures is a Vietnamese model company, so, they are the best in sculpting Vietnamese figures of course. You can see the details on the elephant, figures and accessories to check what i say.

This Elephant and the Vietcong set are the new released of this company in last September. Believe me, this is the best choice for you to collect Vietnamese figures and Elephant also to make the diorama.

Please check our work results in last month on this diorama by checking the images of this post.


Cold Wind 


Micheal Lee Pro built model 

Work Time 

About 2 Months 


Paracel Miniatures 




Static Modeling