Aftermarket Products all in 1/72 scale: Eduard’s AAQ-28 pod & MK46 Torpedoes,
Hasegawa AGM-119 Penguin missile (weapons set), Landing gear 3D printed from 3DF.
The idea: It came after seeing so many aircrafts, both military and civilian, transformed
into military platforms in order to cover a variety of missions in different areas of the
world. There are so many examples, some of them are: the ATR-72 (MPA & ASW
versions), the C-130 (Sea Hercules, all gunship versions), the IOMAX Archangel, the
P-8 Poseidon etc.
In my opinion and after seeing the capabilities of the newest version of the CL aircrafts
the CL-515, I thought that the CL-415 would be capable in such situations. Additionally,
it is a platform that is already being used for special operations including MPA ones.
Thus, by removing the firefighting equipment and since Greece owns CL-415 MPAs, I
thought why not build it as an ASW aircraft for the Hellenic navy.
Duration of the project: Due to the fact that I created another CL-415 “what if”
project last year as a light gunship, that one didn’t take long since I already had all the
info that I needed. However, I spent a great amount of time calculating things such as
max take off weight etc in order for it to be “real” as a project. The first one (CL-415
Shortfin, which was displayed in IPMS 2022 in Greece) took me 1,5 years; the second
one, which will be displayed in IPMS 2023 in Greece on the 28th of October took me 6
months in total.



Panagiotis Makris 

Work Time 

About 6 months


CL-415 Heller




Static Modeling


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