Tamiya paints were used for the color of the metal structures and canvas. Everything marked on the model is airbrushed using masks created by the OMASK company. The imitation of the intestine is made with different shades of oil paints. Small parts, for example the connecting elements of the wooden structure, are painted by hand with a brush. Tensioners are used from GasPatch Models. I used Prym elastic thread for knitting. Uschi van der Rosten elastic thread is used for the aircraft control cables. The construction itself is not complicated. The quality of the moldings is fantastic. Putty must only be used on the upper wing on the underside, as the wing is assembled in three parts. Installing stringers requires a bit of planning. At the end of the construction, the model can only be grasped in one single place, without the risk of ripping off a cable. With a little patience, the result of the construction is an interesting and unconventional machine.

Caudron G.III


Pavel Matoušek (Facebook: PM Models)

Work Time 

About 12 weeks 


Copper State Models Kit




Static Modeling 


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