This is a 1/25 scale Project name Budweiser trans-am series. Kit name is ECKLER Corvette by AMT/ERTL KIT NUMBER 8053. Well, I wanted to give it a little bit more of a modern look. Went with a digital gauge and AMS d system, a larger motor which was 3D printed. I don’t remember by who. It’s a 572 big block Made some changes to the body filled in the backs boiler laminated the front quarter fenders in the flare to flow over from the original Fender into the flared Fender The MSD system was 3D printed made by resin by Rhys The wheels are from a Porsche 917K. The digital gauge is also resin by Rhys I had to cut the top of the cowling and make it taller to accommodate the big block and the air cleaner. The motor Was totally wired 3D printed AN fitting’s to do all the braided line. The distributor is aluminum made by detailed masters, the air cleaner. Is also Illuminati and is made? Buy company called parts by parks This was about a 4 month project a lot of cutting grinding filling sanding. This was something that I wanted to do For myself, wanted to bring back some other than that style. Jaw of the old transam series cars. I will be doing a couple more.

Budweiser trans-am series


Rick Ramus

Work Time 

About 2 weeks 


Kit name is ECKLER Corvette by AMT/ERTL KIT NUMBER 8053. 




Static modeling


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