Hello, I came across this kit a while ago. I was a race car fabricator and BMW is one of my favorite cars to work with. Everything I know about race car setup I try and bring to my scale models. This is a Fujimi kit and it comes quite simple out of the box. The decals (the kit has some of them) are very generic from BMW “M” series. You can get many versions of aftermarket decals for this kit. I chose to do a “what if” version, since there is no Z4 GT3 sponsored by this brand. I utilized decals from other racecars to complete how this car would look. This kit is what I called an easy build (no engine or opened sections); in other words, kits that only come with windows, a shell (body), interior and wheels and tires. Since they are that simple, I always look for ways to enhance details inside and outside. The interior: I used 1/72 weapons decals to complete the white line all around the Recaro seat and the 2 stripes across it. It was quite difficult to mold the decal all around the contour but it finally came out quite convincing. The decal set on the model does not bring any decals (other than the RECARO logo), so I added Kevlar on my own. I continued to add electronic components and lead wiring, the reason why I use this is because it is extremely soft and molds easily to contours and bends. Aftermarket electronic connectors will also give it a nice touch. I also utilize PE from many other models since you can resemble brackets and other parts. The kit brings its own basic PE as well, so for the seat belts, I utilize surgical tape (excellent seatbelt material) and the PE metal latches and buckles. I also flatten lead wire and cut it in tiny strips; furthermore, I bend them in the shape of the wire so they give the impression of wire hold downs or zip ties (depending on color). Paint has a lot of influence on the final look. I like to use a mix of Testors metalizers, Tamiya and Mr. Color paints. They work pretty great for me. Exterior: The model comes a white body. Personally, I don’t use primer, so I went straight with Tamiya spray white. To lay down the decals, I utilize Micro Set and Micro Sol, I’ve had great results with them. The front lower grill of the car was cut out. You need to do this before painting of course as there is some adaptations that need to be done. The model brings its plastic version of it, but it also brings a PE mesh to be glued on top of the plastic. I left a big opening on the front so the lower duct looks more realistic as you can see through the PE; however, I did not do this on the tail as it is a bit more complex. I built my own antenna because the kit has nothing on the roof. I use the old trick of heating plastic and spreading it thing; however, I used a super thing metal wire and coiled it around the tip of a needle to create the spring on the base of the antenna; in addition, I looked for a tiny decal and installed it on the base of the antenna. There is a PE option for the tail fins as well, personally, I went with the plastic ones as they are a bit thicker that the PE fins. In every model I build, I try to look at many reference pictures, and to assemble and decorate the tires and wheels, I went online for a photo hunt. The kit does not bring brands for the tires, it only brings BBS decals for the rims and AP RACING branding for the brake calipers. The kit also provides PE for the break rotors and that makes them look wonderful! To finish the kit I used a layer of TESTORS clear coat which I wouldn’t recommend you do. There are way better clear coats out there and I though I would get lucky this time with Testors but I was wrong. Other than that, this is my version of the awesome Z4 and I hope you guys like it! Keep modeling!!








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