Diorama Story: “Blue beast” at an abandoned landfill in Lebanon, where it is slowly waiting for its final end …… The idea of this work arose after reviewing numerous photographs of abandoned military landfills and equipment dumped in them, especially from the Middle East and the Lebanon area. Tiran 4 as the main bearer of the story, in scale 1/72 is not available, so I decided to make a conversion of the same from the basic model T-55 A / AM. The bunker and the environment are entirely made in self-construction in which I used various materials such as cardboard, styrene, plastic, and sprinkles Nature in scale and Noch. The figure of the photographer is from the manufacturer Red Oak, which is very nicely detailed. Other equipment (barrels, boxes, canisters, etc.) are part of the standard modeling equipment of various manufacturers.



“Blue beast”


Tomislav Stipanović

Work Time 

About 2 months 


T-55 A/AM coverted to Tiran 4




Military Static Modeling


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