The 1:100 Bismarck Project
The how, why, and when, I built it is in the profile text on there.
The model is far from finished yet.
And apart from a couple of 3D printed bits, is totally scratch built using etched parts in Nickel Silver from my own CAD drawings.
I have been working on it since May 2016.
It will be a Radio controlled model when finished.
It is 1:100 scale 2.51 meters long.
The main metal is 18 thou nickel silver, I do the CAD drawings and send them away to produce the etched parts on a sheet 600 x 300 mm. (There are so far 26 seperate etches that have produced all the parts( all the parts are then cut out, folded, shaped and laminated together using soft solder, into sub assemblies, which are then screwed and bolted together so it can all be disassembled to clean and eventually paint.
The detail parts are lost wax brass castings, made from my own masters.
The hull is built from a laser cut timber frame, and clad in 18 thou nickel silver sheet which displays have detail etched into it. It was intended to have this as the finished surface. But it was too thin and too uneven, and it distorted when heat was applied to solder the sheets together, so I have ended up filling it all over with body filler.
At the moment it weighs in at 31kg without all the RC gear.
But has 50kg of displacement.
It has been to a few model shows, mainly in the North West of England, where I use to live, and even though incomplete, has won a few best in show trophies.
But I now live in West Wales, but am still a member of Sefton Park Model Boat Club in Liverpool, where it will eventually have its maiden sailing.
I am already planning another battleship in this scale, (well 1:96 this time), Which will be HMS Prince of Wales.
I will build this hull first this time, but in wood, and do the superstructure in Metal etch like this one.
I also do other modelling as well. Planes, Boats, Trains, etc. Scratch and kits.
Always had a fascination for Bismarck since I was a kid. And have been modelling for 60 years first cutting my teeth on Airfix kits etc. I started modelling in metal about 30 years ago, and produced a number of etched kits myself, mainly ‘0’ Gauge locomotives as well as some Gauge 1, Gauge 3 and even a 5 inch Class 25 Diesel built from etch parts.
Sold them all on now and am about to retire.
I am not an engineer by trade, I was actually a bricklayer. Later I did a degree in Construction Project Management. I just picked up modelling skills as I went along. As you do.
As I do bits I will post them on your group.
I have posted stuff before as I have done it.
Over the Winter I have a lot of tge boring stuff to sort out, touching up bits, fitting controll gear and stuff that will never be seen inside, in preparation for its first sea trials, (well lake in Sefton Park Liverpool).
Then I can set about finishing off the detail on the superstructure, before I paint it.



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