After about 2 months, I finished my 1/72 birdcage Corsair from Tamiya. And what a great kit it is. I modelled as a kid, stopped for a long time, and returned to the hobby in 2022. This is the first time I built Tamiya, and boy what a treat. Great fit, great engineering and great detailing. I added details to the cockpit from an eduard PE set, and because the kit only offers a closed canopy, I used a falcon vac form canopy to display the internal details. I added antenna isolators from tiny plastic bristles from a hand broom. With some copper and leadwire I added exposed wiring from the right wheel bay to simulate some damage to be inspected by a wonderful 3d printed figure from Reedoak . Decals are from techmod, these were fantastic! Primed with mr surfacer 1200, painted with tamiya xf paints heavily thinned with mr hobby acquous hobby color thinner. (60 to 90 % depending on the purpose and application). The blue is a 50-50 mix of xf18 and xf2, the light grey is a mix of abt 70% xf19 and 30% xf2. And a lot of postshading with various colours. I first shot the model in vallejo metal color duralumium, applied hairspray chipping fluid, then applied tamiya xf4, chipped the paint and sealed that in with vms satin varnish. I then applied hairspray chipping fluid again, and then sprayed on the final colors and chipped away again using several things like an old brush, some microbrushes, an old airbrush needle and little godhand sanding pads. The end result is again sealed in with vms satin varnish, great stuff that is! 


Birdcage Corsair


Martin Hulst 

Work Time 

About 2 months


Birdcage Corsair from Tamiya




Static Modeling