Paints use: Metallic black, Steel, Rubber black, Gold & Bare metal silver This is my very 1st batmobile I ve done & it was a very enjoyable build. The kit is very simple with little alteration. Though the finishes on the plastic parts are not that refine compare to Tamiya, Meng or Revell kits but overall I should say is still a very decent kit. The instruction manual can be quite misleading & you require to do study before u attach the parts. Fitments are not too bad as most of them fit nicely although there are some you need to make alteration but to the minimum. The paints I used were mostly blacks which why I gave a different shade of blacks to make contrast to the vehicle. Knowing that this vehicle runs mainly on roads, I weathered the tyres with dirt & light sand by using oil wash on them. I really enjoy every single progress of the build as I witness the transformation of this batmobile. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do after looking these pictures. Thank you for reading & viewing the pictures, Raymond Chan ( Singapore )

“Batmobile Tumbler”


Raymond Chan (Singapore)


About 2 weeks


Dark Knight Rises – Moebius Kit 




Static modeling (sci-fi movie)


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