I have had this 3D Batman bust sitting on my desk for some time, so after looking at him daily I decided to start it/ I used the Andrea Blue set for the blue sections and then Scale 75 Black and White set for the chest and Bat emblem. The flesh was painted using Vallejo acrylics. I did all of this work using Redgrassgames 2 and 2/0 brushes. Once I was done I kept looking at him/the bust thinking that I needed to do or try something else. I decided that I would try something completely out of my comfort zone and that was to add some artificial lights painted to the one side of him. I have seen this done by several really good painters and I thought I might as well give it a shot! My goal was to make it look like Batman was in a seedy or bad area of Gotham and that there would be all kinds of lights and neon lights or signs. My next step was to take a deep breath and then using my airbrush spray a covering of Kimera purple at an angle across his body, face and head. Once I had done this it was no turning back, so I then took some AK Interactive Neon Pink and sprayed a few areas to five it a hot spot look. Unfortunately it was just not what I was hoping for, so I then went back with my airbrush and sprayed a couple of hot spots using Vallejo Deck Tan. I then went back and resprayed the Neon Pink, much better! The final thing I did was to put a mist of the Kimera purple over the pink and this helped to blend everything. It was a fun project and I’m glad that I took a chance to try something out of my comfort zone.

Batman in the Lights of Gotham


Joe Hudson 

Work Time 

About 2 days


Batman 3D resin print 


200 mm


Figures and Miniatures


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