Ok, is a miniart kit (35212), at 1/35 scale. Its a Bantam 40 brc.
The assembly was simple, it arrived to me half assembled, I only added some PE and the body handles with wire. Additionally, since the glass was in very poor condition, I decided to make a cover for the windshield with a very thin synthetic fabric (it seemed the most realistic way to hide the construction error prior to mine).
Once the assembly was done I gave it one shot black ammo primer. Then I painted with the Russian 4bo color of the new ATOM formulation. Special mention that in no case did I use varnish to protect the paint. I added oil paints (2 shades of green, dark brown and white), ammo oilbrushers. then I added wash (dark brown for green), from ammo too.
At that time I added a rope that seemed to be correct to the front and I chose not to mount the spare wheel, as I had seen in some reference images.
Then I did sponge chipping and highlighted these chips with rust wash. To finish the weathering I added enamel mud. I don’t remember what color it was (in the images you can see it and later I blended it with unscented enamel thinner. To finish I added 2 shades of dry pigment, to give color variations (I didn’t set this one with anything)

Bantam 40 brc


Toni Roura 

Work Time 

About a month 


Miniart kit (35212)




Static Modeling 


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