I state that it is my first model of the kind.

I come from automobile assembly. Models that must be beautiful smooth and shiny!

I was interested in building this Zaku, but above all painting it especially to apply the aging techniques (weathering) that fascinate me so much on the works of others.

On these models of the Gundam series, the aging techniques of armored vehicles are applied (which I have never realized by the way).

The phases were the following:

First assembly where I was able to see the excellent quality of the Japanese kit.

Engraving with modeling templates of some joints of the external panels to increase the movement and the detail of the surfaces and made the scratches from damage.

Second assembly to see the effect and possibly have some other inspiration.

Painting with airbrush and acrylic paints: first I pulled the lines of the panels with black and then I passed the diluted green color over the entire surface so as to have visible the dark shades along the junction lines of the different panels.

Aged with airbrush brushes and sponges to simulate the effects of combat damage, wear and dirt

With the packing polystyrene I made the ruin behind which the Zaku prepares his ambush detailing it with wire, plastic strips and other recycled material.


Bandai Zaku II M6-06J MG


Luca Trinchieri 


About 2 weeks 


Bandai Gundam Zaku II M6-06J MG 


MG 1:100


Action Figure – Gundam 


See the ideation……..