Hi Ale, I modified a 1/35 scale WWII BMW kit to make this model. This is a 1950’s war surplus hot rod motorcycle. “Choppers” were created when people bought motorcycles and ‘chopped’ off everything that wasn’t frame or engine. I wanted it to look used and abused, like somebody had a good time with it. I did the same thing they did and eliminated the sidecar and machine guns. I made the exhaust pipes and handlebars with wire and solder. The clutch, throttle, and brake cables are 4 thousandths of an inch motor winding wire, the same diameter as my beard hairs.

Master Box German Motorcycle WWII Era. I used Tamiya’s ‘fine’ rattle can primer, I airbrushed almost everything with acrylics and detailed things with black, brown, and grey Tamiya panel line accent. I weathered it using several washes and drybrushing.

“Bad Beemer”


Russell Geare

Work Time 

About 1 Months


Master Box German Motorcycle WWII Era 




Static Modeling


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