Airfix 1/72 Avro Shackleton MR.2

Aircraft kit (Airfix kit A11004), straight out of the box build. Painted using mostly Mr. Hobby Acrylic.

Decals from the Kit: WR966, 205 Sqn. RAF Changi, Singapore. Build highlights, it is a good kit as it is a relatively new tooling. Fit is good. A lot of details inside however most of it can’t be seen when completed. Transparencies are good but a little on the thick side. Would recommend “futuring” them. Decals are very good, it is pleasant surprise. Control surfaces can be positioned except for ailerons, the balance tabs would need to be repositioned accordingly for accuracy; this would require some surgery. Landing gear strut seem a bit flimsy for such a big and heavy model but tested them and they are fine. Only 2 pilots are provided. Flaps can be positioned deployed with good internal details. Overall, Good build, I enjoyed it. The lights and other mods, those were a bit challenging. Got them done in the end. Mods and additions: Nano LEDs for lights, 3D printed gearbox for contra rotating props, MP3 griffon engine sound on mini full range speakers, all controlled by Arduino Nano Will be posting a build thread, will need to find time for that as it is going to be quite long. Will update link here once completed. 16 month project as I can only spend 2-3 hours a week on weekends due to work commitment.


Khoo Kay Win


About 16 months 


Aircraft kit (Airfix kit A11004)




Static Modeling