I have built a number of military airplanes, including Junkers Ju 52. This time I wanted to do a civil Version.The Livery of D-ALYL, ex “Hans Loeb”, ex OE-LAR “Linke Crawford” for promoting the XI Olympic Games in Berlin was an appealing choice and the fact that Revell produced a kit with that livery is purely coincidentical. The decals have not been part of my decision, since I usually don´t use them at all. I prefer my Models hand painted. It is more fun and keeps a steady hand.

The decals of the set came in handy though since I had not to cut stencils from self created prints. I was able to use the original decal sheet to cut out the letterings. This was my template then.

 The build itself was smooth and great fun. I can only reccomend that model since all fits nicely. It is a true joy to make.

 Painting the model was all done by hand. I do neither use an airbrush, nore do I use any masking tapes. I paint my models all the old school way with a brush and free hand, including markings. The only guide I use is the outline of the letterings which is done using the cut out decals as mentioned. A pencil is enough to draw these on the painted model.

 For most of the plane I used Revell Enamels which are very good, indeed. I do not wash my models prior to assemly (never did) and I do not base coat them with any stuff. I am also not a big fan of pre shading post shading or all the other fancy things which are talked about in most forums these days.

 A brush and a small tin of paint is what does the trick to me. In teh case of this model of the Ju 52, All the interieur was painted according to the paint guides and when finsihed I put on a very slight drybrush application of Revell´s 75 grey.

 The outside of the model is painted with the brush in Revell 99 Aluminum. This works also well for all the canopy struts which are also painted free hand with a brush. It works well.

 The black in the Pant is Revell´s 8 matt black. To give it a certain degree of shine when try I rub over it with my bare fingers.

 For the colorfull parts of the livery like the olympic rings I used Tamiya  paints. This was not for a certain technical reason but simply because I did not have those colour required as revell paints. The job can be done with either. The only trick when handpainting a model like that is to give the paint the proper degree of viscosity. Not too thin, not to thick. It must flow so you don´t see the brush marks and it must not runn to easily to spread wher you don´t want it.


“Auf nach Berlin”


Engels Achim 

Work Time 

About 1 week 


Junkers Ju 52/3 Revell




Static Airplane Modeling


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